Hatha Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain – 57 minutes

yogayak.com presents Michael Riel leading you through a one hour yoga flow designed to release those hard-working neck and shoulder muscles as well as loosening the related muscles and joints through the whole body. This class is designed to decrease headache and shoulder pain as well as increase awareness of how the whole body interrelates. Using twists, strength building postures and backbends, this class will help you bring circulation to your body after a long day. Duration 57 min

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25 Responses to “Hatha Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain – 57 minutes”

  1. getfuzzy32 says:

    Thank you soo much for this yoga video. I have fibromyalgia and hold all my tension in my neck and shoulders. Today is my fourth day doing this as my morning routine and I already feel soo much better. Thank you again!

  2. mrsmboom says:

    this one really helped my sore neck and back

  3. Sellene1985 says:

    amazing! I struggle with neck pain few years… massages helped for a moment but this exercise really free me from neck pain!!!! Wow

  4. Sellene1985 says:

    amazing excersise! It is working!! Thank you. I have my neck pain for few years… Now I feel much relaxed.

  5. idonttan says:

    Is there a more advanced version or something similar to this? I find this helpful but it’s too slow for my liking.

  6. jessthedorkette says:

    @thecupcakeattack I totally agree.

  7. bennymabo says:

    I have been doing all of your lessone for a few years now and have found it both envigorating and healing.

    Is there a intermediate to harder level classes on the net i can progress onto.

    Much warm yogi energy from Australia to all people around the worrld.


  8. MorningStarChis says:

    Great job. Thank you so much for sharing. This has helped me so much with pain management. You have a great voice as well.

  9. Glennishking says:

    I fell asleep; this was actually much more effective than the “relaxation/fall asleep” videos I’ve tried. His voice is just so relaxing; it’s like butter.

  10. marukoshi1 says:

    this is much doable,just what I need

  11. marukoshi1 says:

    just the kind of yoga that I like,he’s calming voice makes it more convincing to try on myself….

  12. jovensilver says:

    i’ve always wanted to do yoga. I have completely underestimated what is involved with yoga. It is INTENSE and a lot of control that is needed over the body in order to do it right. I managed 20 min before i couldn’t take my face digging into the mat so hard anymore. I shall proceed and get better at it. thanks for the video πŸ˜€

  13. userheha says:

    I think itΒ«s better to take a class with a female instructor, I don’t know why, really

  14. griseum says:

    11:10 a black squirrell in background :)))

  15. Flowerpower28 says:


  16. chipoo100 says:

    It works! Thank you

  17. Blacksoljah says:

    Its even better if you play yoga music in the background

  18. ManvsMachine7 says:

    you need to be really soft to do all these moves, I’m 20 years old but I feel like I’m 60 πŸ˜› had to stop after 20 minutes

  19. Depthcurse says:

    This video has made me so much more calmer in the mind and body. Thank you very very much πŸ™‚

  20. IMZoOmZoOm says:

    Thank you! Wonderful streches for my shoulders!! But, havent done yoga in almost 8 years so could only get through 30 minutes. Will try again tomorrow πŸ˜€

  21. ako41066 says:

    Excellent yoga practice! It flowed beautifully and completely relaxed the neck, shoulders and back. Well Done!

  22. xmYnz says:


  23. PortlandDMD says:

    THANK YOU for this clip. My neck and shoulders feel a lot more relaxed after this yoga practice. I’ve had neck and shoulder tension for a long time and plan on practicing with this clip as needed. Thanks again

  24. Yeshuahhh says:

    The best Beginner yoga video by far! Thank you

  25. MrsEmilyColon says:

    good vid, are you going to school to be a doctor or something?

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