How do you get rid of a persistent headache?

I took a pain killer specifically for headaches several hours ago, and my headache still hasn’t gone away.

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  1. iluvbananaicecream says:

    Place a cloth dipped in cold water on your forehead and lie down in a dark, cool and quiet room. Take a Paracetamol or something and go off to sleep. When you wake up, your headache usually disappears. Keep a record of what you eat and see if there is something that triggers off your headaches. Avoid that item. For some people, it is chocolate, for some it is smoking, bright lights etc. As an alternative, if you aren’t able to lie down, apply some Vicks, Tiger Balm or Axe Oil on your forehead. It helps the pain fade away. Your health is really important. If you feel headachy, tell people not to disturb you and say you need rest.

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