Neck Pain & Injuries, Austin Chiropractic Demonstration & Care

Neck Pain & Injuries, Austin Chiropractic Care Dr. Echols is a Chiropractor in Austin, Texas. In this video he discusses the signs and symptoms of neck misalignment, demonstrates test a chiropractor can do to diagnosis the problem and shows you an adjustment to correct the problem. Visit Dr. Echols website at This video was produced by Psychetruth Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul http © Copyright 2010 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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25 Responses to “Neck Pain & Injuries, Austin Chiropractic Demonstration & Care”

  1. 36randomheRo says:

    shes a stripper….from houston!!!

  2. Nikon05 says:

    “mosh dancing”. haha

  3. pecnoelman says:

    Yeah, the chick in his other videos are also local strippers. The other redhead is a stripper at the landing strip in austin.

  4. DTRRuth says:


  5. SkanRashke says:

    I love Dr. Echols. He doesn’t talk super-fast(Like he’s trying to get something past you), or fill what he’s talking about with nonsensical jargon- he really seems to enjoy what he’s doing and believe he’s doing some good. Too bad he’s so far away, I know I’d see him :3

  6. SkanRashke says:

    What are the white things in the honeycomb-type storage unit behind him? Oils? For some reason its really bugging me to find out XD

  7. davekloss says:

    Love hearing that neck crackle! Keep up the good work!

  8. MIKEREZIN says:

    Dr. Echols has a thing for redheads

  9. grupploso says:

    A questa piacciono belli grossi e sempre duri!

  10. OpticalFascism says:

    @SkanRashke Crayolas.

  11. bravo161224 says:

    he must have a thing for reds

  12. bootler100 says:

    Hello I’m Kenny Rogers and welcome to Jackass xD

  13. Tha4thLetterr says:

    at the beginning, she’s like ” ughh don’t touch me”

  14. BurnMichaelWeston says:

    He gets all the hot chicks in his office

  15. MrChyro12 says:

    they look to me like the containers used for nutrition response testing.

  16. sabba123ajd says:

    great videos

  17. EABeaudry says:

    @SkanRashke I asked that question on one of his other boards, LOL. It looks like that old toy “Light Bright.”

  18. EABeaudry says:

    @niteholler But he’s a smart hick. 😉 I’m a nursing student and everything he’s saying is physiologically truthful, including the neurovascular checks and anatomical references.

  19. weversonman says:

    @EABeaudry except for the fact that no evidence at all has ever been found to support the concept of a subluxation actually existing. Chiropractic is a great placebo. The only reason it can’t be debunked is that it’s impossible to do a double blind test of a physical procedure. You could have one untrained guy pretend to perform chiropractic adjustments, but that would lead to ethical/risk issues and certainly wouldn’t be affirmed.

  20. niteholler says:

    What on earth is squash dancing?!

  21. niteholler says:

    @EABeaudry He’s still a hick though! There’s no denying that he’s fresh from the farm!

  22. EABeaudry says:

    @weversonman I beg to differ on the existence of subluxations. A subluxation can occur anywhere in the body where bone meets bone, not just in the spinal column. In layman’s terms, a subluxation is the partial dislocation of a joint. I see this in the hospital all the time. Go and tell some of my patients who are in extreme pain from this condition that it does not exist. I’d love to see their reactions.

  23. EABeaudry says:

    @niteholler LOL!

  24. weversonman says:

    @EABeaudry Give me a break, So then why do 95% of regular doctors of any specialization view chiropractors as complete quacks? Because they practice a pseudoscience without any evidenciary backing. There is zero evidence that vertebrae get out of alignment and that pushing on a nerve causes problems in nerve function. Absolutely none. It’s just dogma and people find that it helps because they want to believe it will, the truth is that the placebo effect can cure all sorts of problems.

  25. EABeaudry says:

    @weversonman I was not arguing for nor against chiropractors, but I was arguing as per your initial statement of, “no evidence at all has ever been found to support the concept of a subluxation actually existing.” As I stated, medically speaking a subluxation is simply a partial discolation of a joint. Go to any reputable medical website or textbook to verify this fact.

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