Neck-Pain Relief-and-Prevention with simple stretch

Got a stiff neck? Prevent neck pain, relieve stress, loosen tight neck muscles with this simple self-traction stretch. Get relief, then share this video so others can prevent neck pain. For articles and video about pain relief, Go to

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25 Responses to “Neck-Pain Relief-and-Prevention with simple stretch”

  1. jediwank says:

    someone please post some instructions on how to do this. Can’t figure how to do it…

  2. jediwank says:

    can someone please post some instructions on how to do this. she says it so unclear and i can’t figure out how to do it

  3. blueprint101 says:

    hope you got better

  4. param2377 says:

    Its actually works i used my towel & after 15 sec all my pain is gone thanks

  5. sonebone7 says:

    I want to know does it help with the crackling noises and scaling when I turn my neck and head the noises are very frustrating,

  6. angisme99 says:

    wow, that’s amazing! I had the worst throbbing pain in my neck all day today and I just did this for 20 seconds and i’m relieved of my pain! Thank you!!

  7. hippojjjelm says:


  8. muzicdejay says:

    Had neck ache for the last 5 weeks, just tried this & it has actually relieved it a bit! Great video, cheerz!

  9. v8rican says:

    temporary relief thanks a lot

  10. IH8WRONGPPL says:

    Close your eyes, and just listen to the audio from 1:00 to 1:13

  11. nirvana19791979 says:

    u this really did help…how long does this usually provide relief? how often can you repeat? is this bad if you do it 2 much? (afterwards i noticed i could hear a bunch of poping in my neck maybe arthritis)

  12. usdm93hatch says:

    OMG this actually worked a little bit!

  13. DJeimaXe says:


  14. DJeimaXe says:

    I FORgot to thank you =)))

  15. RcUniverseGuy says:

    im sure this does work for certain types of pain but it did not work for me thanks anyway

  16. CassimaPwnsWoW says:

    Helped me a bit. My neck has been killing me all day. Thanks a million 🙂

  17. carm3d says:

    Wow this worked great, thanks!

  18. soulaspect says:

    i can say about 50% of my neck pain is gone. thanks a lot

  19. kedisy1 says:

    oohhh!! Neck is sooo stiff right now.

  20. KnightHawke01 says:

    I have an injury where the bone just below my skull (the one that is supposed to have space between the skull and it) is shoved up against the base of my skull, causing pressure, swelling, and dizziness. Should I not do this stretch? Or will it help?

  21. ClaireSuperNana says:

    Will try, thanks. Have been in pain for 3 days now.

  22. livegamer2010 says:

    Thanks my neck feels soo releived

  23. H3LL0xK1TTY says:

    sweet my neck felt great for like 10 seconds. then it was it really bad pain again, because i pulled a muscle in my neck im pretty sure.

  24. gln948 says:

    Looks risky.

  25. arenaceousgreenbl says:

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