Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Throat Pain in anxiety and panic attacks Looking at anxiety symptoms and in particular, neck, shoulder and throat pains. Charles Linden explains how they are caused.

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  1. CharlesLinden says:

    ????? Who knows… they make it up as they go along dependent on symptoms and other factors. The best policy is to look at other options. If I could show one case where medication, doctors visits and weekly psych sessions have been curative in isolation, without the actual cure for anxiety conditions being implemented, I would… in 116,000 people helped, I don’t have one example of this! Speaks volumes!

  2. ChristPunk777 says:

    You a Saint GodSend

  3. zihuetlachtli says:

    trust that you are fine and evrything is gona be fine, be sure of it
    dont seek for an excuse to be bad, you are gonna make it

  4. CoasterChick22 says:

    anxiety sucks. I hate I am constantly nervous about something.

  5. CoasterChick22 says:

    was everything fine?

  6. Macinabit says:

    The muscles in the neck, throat and shoulders are as he says all connected from the upper part of the back and when tense will cause all sorts of sensations and can when thought about to much bring on an attack. Chest pain can also be brought on by a server contraction of muscles in the back behind the lungs as these nerves run between the ribs and in an attack will tense due to adrenaline and thus cause chest pain. Get someone to massage your back with some soft background music.

  7. BlinkinFirefly says:

    i am an anxiety sufferer, and my anxiety usually manifests in physical symptoms such as chest pain, heart palpitations, lump in throat and derealization, but i sometimes get new and unexpected symptoms, like right now my jaw and neck muscles keep tensing against my efforts to relax and seem to be causing my ears to have a clogged sensation, are ear problems also common in anxiety sufferers?

  8. shawnstewart1986 says:

    Stay Strong Everyone,take it one day at a time.I’m also a panic and anxiety sufferer and i know how hard it is to stay positive.Keep this in mind if you worry about tomorrow or relive the past.”yesterday is history,tomorrows a mystery,and today is a gift, that’s what its called the present”

  9. ProphetDavidicus says:

    I have all those symptoms you listed man anxiety is horrible

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