Resolving Neck Pain

Neck pain can easily be resolved in most cases with the right treatment and exercises.

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18 Responses to “Resolving Neck Pain”

  1. marlayoutourist says:

    Hi guys, thats so much for all the information. I’m a PT and I get tons of complaints about neck pain and tension seems to worsen on some exercises like lateral raise and compound row. What I’m wondering is, for someone with a fair amount of pain, but cleared for Fitness Training, is it better to sub out the lat raise and compound row for posture exercises? Or should we just work through it? We have a habit of trying to have the client do what they can “pain free”

  2. abelsonb says:

    I agree getting them to work “Pain Free” is a major key to resolving any condition. Obviously working through pain will just reinforce aberrant neurological patterns and keep the injury there. We try to separate rehabilitation exercise objectives from performance objectives. Rehab work is done in a pain free state to build endurance without fatigue. This is so that we can promote slow twitch fiber activity.

  3. miky0273 says:

    YEAH the string from the head…actually if you do that visualization for some time…you can actually feel how the tension is released from your back…I have a lot of pain in my back and neck doing 2 computer jobs…good video!

  4. mushroomcentral says:

    after exercise, relax on a nice pillow

  5. xxxruxy says:

    Thank you for scapular activation!

  6. muaazab says:

    I agree exercise is good opportunity to get rid of neck pains, but medicine and diets should not be neglected, too.

  7. h5y says:

    thanks for the tips!

  8. VAboi123 says:

    God, my neck hurts right now so bad. It just popped out of nowhere. I need a icy-hot

  9. christene88 says:

    shut up bitch

  10. khaledgz says:

    thanx 🙂
    i study medicine and now i’m frustrated because there were things that i didn’t understand in that video 🙁

  11. MadelineValentine says:

    Informative and helpful, thank you. Appreciated the explanation of jargon such as “neutral spine” – my pilates instructor has been using this for so long and her explanations finally make sense!

  12. SmartGirl27 says:

    Sometimes you forget about the posture/string analogy. Those shoulder rotating exercises worked great too! Helped a LOT! Thanks!

  13. Juve1025 says:

    …just blew my shoulder out trying to reach my scapula.

  14. hrmjm says:

    Very good except for that irritating music.

  15. friiik says:

    why shouldn’t they? Neither have anything to do with relieving neck pain, and taking medicine for such a thing is absurdly incompetent.

  16. Samimi11 says:

    Where can I go to get this sort of treatment? Chiropractor?

  17. lee2197 says:

    im really am suffering w/ my neck pain

  18. TheDannyHan says:

    i let it go away naturelly

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