Shiatsu Neck Therapy Relieves Headaches & Pain Therapeutic neck exercises & self-massage to relieve neck pain. NYC Shiatsu teacher, CM Miller, guides you through her favorite techniques using a hand held, pressure point massager from Japan.

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7 Responses to “Shiatsu Neck Therapy Relieves Headaches & Pain”

  1. LaniPuppetmaker says:

    Can’t wait for more!

  2. RachDminor says:

    My neck froze for the first time ever 3 days ago. For 2 days I couldn’t move it more than an inch to either side and was surprised by tears from pain. Watching this, I became obsessed with finding this tool – and did last night. Within minutes of use in the store (I was desperate), my range of motion increased. More use at home resulted in sleeping through the night and 90% normal range today with comparatively negligible pain. Please put website in description for orders. Thank you!!

  3. CaraMshell says:

    Thanks for your message. So glad that my video helped you with your neck pain. Even more glad to know that you’re feeling better! That little tool is a miracle– I even keep one in my carry-on when I fly. I’ll be sure to add website to description and I will be posting more self-healing videos this summer.

  4. tktaku2008 says:

    I was surprised that the word “Shiatus” is used in US.
    As you know, Shiatsu means pressure with fingers.

    The massager can be bought easily at common grocery store in Japan.
    The cheapest one is about 1USD.

    But I didnt know how to use it well.
    Your instruction is very useful and think you very much from Japan..

  5. jake56890 says:

    new video soon!

  6. sajonaee says:

    u dont blink much do u

  7. TheYaom says:

    @RachDminor where can i buy that little tool? i have chronic headaches and my neck becomes very tense!!!!
    is there a way to buy it?

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