What causes neck pain?

What causes neck pain? Explaination of how the neck works

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  1. chursthouse says:

    thank you

  2. felisdomesticus5676 says:

    i have got a terrible neck pain right now 🙁

  3. Meowianne says:

    It would be helpful to see a demonstration of the specific neck exercises. FYI: I use microwave heated bean bags, gel ice packs, massagers, deep heating rubs, hot showers on the back of the neck, Advil, deep breathing exercises & various neck pillows to help relieve the pain. Adjusting chairs/monitor height to be more ergonomic, along with loose fitting shirts that allow the shoulders to stay relaxed helps. Good Luck Fellow Neck Pain People!

  4. mushroomcentral says:

    For a patient, after all the exercise, use a relaxing pillow would help, it did help me

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