Esther shows you a next step for all of you who just started or for everybody really.

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    25 Responses to “YOGA FOR BEGINNERS pt 2”

    1. marble2012 says:

      I love yoga! I can’t wait to start doing it again 🙂

    2. greensuperfood709 says:

      Hi Yogatic, i have a large problem with the flexability in my right hip since i was dragged by a horse. Do you think this can help my hip to reajust and the muscles to sort of fix themselves, let alone help with some of the pain?

    3. yeethingthing says:

      Thanks Esther… I’ve been wanting to learn Yoga but the classes available at my area doesn’t fit my work schedule. By watching these videos I get to learn Yoga and save a few bucks too! Thanks again, and keep posting new vids XD

    4. selenagirl14 says:

      Hello Yogatic / Esther .
      I have bad back pains , from sitting too much . Will yoga help me regain my back strength/ take away the pain?

    5. parasalahat06 says:

      i wasn’t able to do those poses because the bones in my arm at the back hurts a lot!

    6. Nushicat says:

      How long should one do yoga until they’re very flexible? Can it take a year long, or a couple of months? I’m -18 by the way, and I’ve got to say thanks for these useful tips. 🙂

    7. fckths says:

      Thanks for posting this! Feels amazing post workout. I’m definitely going to stick with it. I love how I sink deeper into the pose with every deep breath.

    8. JaeJo30 says:

      In these poses are your legs supposed to be on different “train tracks” like in the warrior poses?

    9. barbie22ful says:

      your awesome thanks:)

    10. diordollx3 says:

      wow thanks!! your videos are really helping me

    11. flakemum says:

      Thank you for such great instructions and teaching, i have just started yoga as i have a very stiff sacrilliac joint and thought it may help. I am really enjoying your videos to learn at home.
      Do you have any advice on a couple of poses i can do daily to help with this joint problem pls?

    12. StephenE1970 says:

      I feelreally good after my first day ever doing yoga. I only did the beginners one video because I am a large man. I am trying to lose weight and if I feel this good after one five minete session, iam hooked. is it ok to do this more than once a day.

    13. vinmikk says:

      Many thanks Esther, I have been doing part 1 for a week and a half and have now added part 2. I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful videos.
      You not only make it look easy, you inspire people, once again many thanks.
      Vin Francis

    14. liamfirefighter says:

      I started to do face yoga six months ago and noticed a difference. I became a believer and so decided to take it up a level and try yoga for beginners. I (thankfully) stumbled upon your yogatic and have been doing yoga for beginners I and II– for the past week and I LOVE IT!!!! thank you 🙂

    15. laurak8787 says:

      These videos are perfect for beginners – not too much at once, not too intimidating, and very easy to follow. Thank you so much.

    16. istayinbed says:

      Hi Esther. I have been doing your classes for 4 days and already feel the difference in myself and body. Hopefully my flexibility and stamina will increase for the future. it probably is the best way to start my day

    17. Flow2779 says:

      Thanks, this class relax me!! im a new in this but i like and in enjoy very much…

    18. malkanthekurulu says:

      Be a good man for single mom

    19. star4861 says:

      i like it.. thanks for uploaded this video. i could start yoga ..

    20. RedPelerin says:

      I have also been very reluctant about Yoga but it is actually quiet easy, enjoyable and it works out your body. Thank you for the videos!

    21. healthnut4life48 says:

      These are hands down the coolest yoga and exercise mats ever made!!

      See for yourself at: SELFTRAINERMAT . com

    22. zvoncicakiss says:

      Oh Esther thank u so much for theese videos..i do theese exercises every night…u r my private yoga teacher..thank u!!!

    23. zvoncicakiss says:

      btw im 14..:S

    24. slimfucu says:

      Thank ^^

    25. kasintahin says:

      Hi Esther! Love the vidoes, have played with yoga over the years and keep coming back as it makes me feel so relaxed and centred. Is it possible for you to do a video without the commentary, to see how you flow from one position to another? For example one of the Surya Namaskar salutations? Or maybe to do the rutines you have just done with commentary, and then follow up with a run-through without commentary? Thanks

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