The Incredible Shrinking Doctor – Dr. Keith’s New Look!

The Incredible Shrinking DoctorIf you’ve stopped by the office lately, you’ve likely noticed that Dr. Keith is half the man he used to be :).

Dr. Keith’s new look is not a retelling of the 1957 science fiction film, The Incredible Shrinking Man, but it is quite a story.

The good doctor has changed his diet, and the results have been dramatic.

Dr. Keith’s Results

In just eight months, he’s lost more than 65 pounds following a high-fat, low-carb, moderate-protein diet (a ketogenic diet).

The diet has been a life-changer for him and the results are not only seen on the outside.

Six months after starting his diet, his blood work revealed a drastic improvement to his overall health with his triglycerides dropping more than 140 points and his HDL (good cholesterol) improving by 14 points.

And, the best part is that we have been documenting his weight loss journey on a YouTube Channel that we call 2 Fit Docs.

Watch His Progress on 2FitDoc’s YouTube Channel

Each week, Dr. Keith and Dr. Becky (Keith’s wife) report on Keith’s progress, offer tips on how to accelerate weight loss, and troubleshoot the occasional plateau so you can follow along, and, if you desire, lose weight along with him.

We invite you to visit our channel on YouTube right now. The videos are all free to watch, and it’s fun to see your doctor shrink before your eyes each week!

Do you want to start watching from the beginning? Here is the link to Dr. Keith’s Progress Videos.

Below, I’ve included a few of the more popular videos from the 2 Fit Doc’s Channel.

Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat

We’ve been told for years that eating fat makes you fat. But, its the carbs in your diet that gets converted to blood fats.  In this video, you’ll follow along with Dr. Keith as he changes his diet to a high-fat, high-fiber, low-carb diet.


Stop Eating Sugar…Add Fat & Fiber…Lose Weight Faster

Sugar is a diet destroyer, but when you give it up, your body goes through withdrawal. In this video, we share how to make the transition from a sugary diet to a no-sugar diet easier by adding healthy fats and fiber to your day.


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